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Your dreams are NOT stupid. Don't let anyone tell you they are especially yourself. We can all be our own worst critics. We can all indulge in a cynical approach to our goals and sometimes that cynicism is confused with being overly reasonable. There is a kindness you can implement to yourself and others when your dreams come into context. Encourage each other. Be thoughtful. Be kind. Yeah, being kind is really badass. Do that.

AWR Dec 2020

Dear Readers,

Written and drawn by

Adam W Rodriguez

H.P. Lovecraft published At the Mountains of Madness in Astonishing Tales as a serial from February through April of 1936.  Lovecraft was known to encourage other writers to borrow ideas from his Cthulhu mythology. And many did just that.

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BTW the original tale also had peinguins. Blind albino penguins.

Cool, right?

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free webcomics

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