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This first issue of Clash Comix was drawn in 2016 as an art project in a class I was taking at Austin Community College. I really enjoyed the experience and continued to work on the project. It was first published at the 2018 2nd Annual Lone Star Zine Festival. I published it again 2019 for the Clash Comix Project I had created for myself that year. My goal was to produce a comic book every month for a year. I joined forces with some like-minded creators and met the goal of twelve printed zines from January to December. This particular issue is unique in that it's the only one I added greyscale. Although I like what it brings to the work, I didn't greyscale any of the subsequent issues because of printing costs.


AWR 2021



Comics by 

Mel Dee


Poster by @m0thra1 Lone Star Zine Fest 2018


Comic by Mel Dee Aw Jeez Comix 2019

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Written and drawn by Adam W Rodriguez

night of the anarch #1 of 4

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Variant Cover

January Clash Comix 2019

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