a prolific painter

I have been a freelance painter and visual artist since the late '80s. Some of my first pro painting jobs were signs and murals for local businesses and set painting for local theatres in and around Galveston, Texas including The Grand Old Opera House, Strand Street Theartre, and Galveston Island Outdoor Musical Theatre.

I have received awards in various art competitions and have had my art featured in independent comics, online magazines, and illustrations for novels and short stories.

Every January since 2016 I've challenged myself to paint 100 pieces of art by the end of December. I don't always make that number, but I do produce with some regularity. My Patrons on Patreon get discounts on these artworks and first dibs on the purchase of the original art piece. It has been a very rewarding exercise in prolificacy and creativity.

Painting was my first real artistic passion and it will always be a part of my existence. Art is the most transcendent form of communication in my humble opinion. Art is life made truer; art is an endless idea; art is awesome.

AWR 2021