The Blue Hole

A short horror novel about an awkward boy that can see shadow people. His connection with the shadows makes him a target for dark forces that seek to cause horrible calamity in his sleeping coastal town. The Blue Hole is only available to my patrons on PATREON.


writer & collaberator

I really enjoy collaborative writing projects. Several stage plays I've had a hand in writing have received some award-winning recognition. The only novel I have completed is only for my patrons on Patreon to read. I am currently working on the second novel. My patrons also get to enjoy my flash fiction and game content for Table Top RPGs.(Coming Soon) I've been writing my own comedic and dramatic material for most of my career in devised theatre, improvisation, stand-up, sketch comedy, and events. I work well with others and can write for myself for any style of performance the project calls for. One of my current writing projects is short comics that I have been building and publishing here on my website. 




A collection of short comics that have been curated here on my website. They are free to read with a $5 suggested donation. All of my black and white comics are also available as a physical zine. Each zine has art and content that isn't published here on the website.