I dabble in all manners of writing, it is probably my most prolific art form and also my most kept to myself. 

I have written my first drafts of my first two novels. One a horror tale of youth and the dreaming evil that twists people's minds to do terrible things. The other is a science fiction fantasy tale about a wizard prodigy that goes on a rock tour. Both are only available to my patrons on Patreon.

I've co-written several musicals and stage plays. Many of them nominated for outstanding original scripts and production.

Finally, I've started my own webcomic with ongoing and stand-alone tales for friends and fans to enjoy for free! 

patron-only content

short stories, serial flash fiction, and novellas are all available for my patrons on Patreon. This also includes RPG game concepts, maps, adventures, sweet art swag, and more!

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