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Greetings Imaginators,

These are the original printings of the Clash Comix Project that ran in 2019. You'll likely notice some of my awful spelling and grammatical errors throughout. These error were exactly why I did this project in the first place. To become a better editor I needed to gauge just how terrible I was. Then I analyzed and made changes accordingly. That's growth. Every time I see a mistake in these publications I feel as if I'm looking at rings of a tree trunk. Gaging growth with visible markers that show us far we've come. Welcome your mistakes, Imaginators, and learn from them. Until the next issue.

AWR 2021


Comic by Mel Dee Aw Jeez Comix 2019

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Written and drawn by Adam W Rodriguez

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Ad by Kate Meehan Who Framed Roger Replicant La Fenice 2019

Photo by Steve Rogers Photography