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Greetings Imaginators,

that's my name for us, Imaginators. It might seem kind of naive or even immature to come up with a pet name for the people reading this comic, but that might be my point. I want the readers of Clash Comix to be subject to positive community rhetoric that comes from the most genuine part of my angry little heart. I want you to know that you're valued and a part of this little experiment in building a universe. Even as a reader, you actively experience the world that's being built one comic book panel at a time. For as much of the story I have plotted out, there is still so much of this world yet to seen by either of us.  The way I see it we are discovering these details together and that makes us all imaginators. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting issues of Clash Comix, imaginators.

AWR 2021

Edited by

adam w rodriguez



by  mel dee


Comic by Mel Dee Aw Jeez Comix 2019

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Written and drawn by Adam W Rodriguez

night of the anarch  #2 of 4

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The original zine printings were loaded with advertisements for local shows that were going on during 2019. I was doing a devised show called Who Framed Roger Replicant? It was nominated for several B Iden Payne Awards. My performance as Judge Doom was nominated for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Comedy. Our own Nate Dunaway actually won the award for the title role of Roger Replicant. During his acceptance speech, he made sure to do a shout-out to his D&D group.

This ad was created by La Fenice's Artistic Director, Kate Meehan, and it was featured heavily in the 2019 run of Clash Comix.

AWR 2021

Ad by Kate Meehan Who Framed Roger Replicant La Fenice 2019

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Ad by Kate Meehan

Who Framed Roger Replicant

La Fenice 2019

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