art for sale!

I have categorized my gallery in an attempt to make it easier to find any specific piece your looking for.


General Categories for general art subjects and Series Art for any art that was created as part of a series.

Please enjoy. 


Series art

buying an original piece

Murder of crows

One crow for each color of the rainbow

Parliament of Owls

One owl for each phase of the moon

parody paintings

Famous paintings parodied with popular icons

You can purchase any original piece that is FOR SALE. Whether a piece is available FOR SALE is indicated in the description above every piece as well as the asking price for that particular piece. In order to buy the original you just Contact Me and send me a message and we'll make that happen. 

General categories

Fantasy art

All things, Magic, Swords, and Epic Heroes

Surreal stuff

The Strange, The Macabre, & The Kind of Cute


Movies, Music, Cartoons & T.V., Comics & Games


Creatures and Gods from the Old World

science fiction art

Robots, Space Ships, and Strange Beings

art based on books

Characters and Concepts inspired by Literature

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