I'm a theatre man

Theatre has always been the driving force of my professional artistic career. I have worked professionally in several aspects of theatre, from writing to performing, to tech and production. I have worked as a stage and house manager here in Austin Texas for many years as both a freelancer and as a permanent employee at established local theatres. Currently, at least until COVID stopped live shows in their tracks, I worked at the Hideout Theatre in downtown Austin. I am also a company member and the president of the board of directors of La Fenice, a local theatre arts organization that performs in the style of Comedia Del Arte in Austin as well as a tour every year to other locations in Texas. I freelance as a performer and stage manager for various other events and venues. I am experienced in hosting karaoke nights, improvised plays, entertainment events, and outdoor festivals from concept, to production, to taking the stage, I have been a professional theatre man most of my life. I can make shows run in almost every aspect of its production.


AWR 2021 

we got an award!!


La Fenice's latest project was nominated for six B Iden Payne Awards including Outstanding Digital Production, Outstanding Digital Direction, Outstanding Featured Music Performance, and 3 individual performance nominations, my performance was one of the aforementioned nominations. We actually received the award for Outstanding Digital Direction! What a fun project. They are streaming free. Check them out!