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what is awr?

The Art of AWR (Adam W Rodriguez) is a culmination of my works on one website. I’ve curated some highlights from my 30 plus years as a professional artist for people to enjoy. Here you can get a glimpse of what the Art of AWR is all about.


I have worked in several art fields including game writing, game design, stage management, film acting, storyboards, scriptwriting, and more. I've received several nominations and awards for my skills as a performer, visual artist, writer, director, and stage manager.  I've worked in Austin Texas for the last couple of decades doing art commissions and theatre.

I love to collaborate on projects of all kinds and I have a solid mix of skills to make your projects and events that much cooler. If you think my abilities could contribute to your project, or you're wanting to commission art of any kind, just hit the contact button below.

AWR 2021

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