Dear reader,

Clash Comix was a twelve-month project I did in 2019, where I published one zine-style comic book every month of that year. The end result was learning to be a better editor and comic book creator in general. I also got to meet and collaborate with other comic book creators. 

I want to thank my friends and co-contributors, Mel Dee, and Ryan Manning. Y'all made this project better with your infectious creativity.

I also want to thank my patrons on Patreon, yall kept ink in the printer and helped to make Clash Comix come into being.

Now a couple of years later, I'm releasing the series for free. And to serve as a repository for our collected works.

AWR 2021

clash free web comix

Free Furious Webcomics

Jan Cover C.jpg
Sep cover.jpg
Feb Cover.jpg
Oct Cover.jpg
March cover.jpg
April Cover.jpg
Nov Cover color.jpg


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