I make many kinds of art

Almost 30 years of performing and professional painting experience.  The quality of which has earned several nominations and awards in both individual performance as well as overall production contributions such as stage management, prop design, stage painting, and playwriting. An asset both on stage and behind the scenes with a special skill set for collaborative and experimental art and theatre.

Most recently delving into new forms of performance including puppetry, voice acting, and improvised theatre.

The next show:
The Haunting of the tavern

Austin's most famous haunted watering hole presents the most hilarious murder mystery show in town! Be our guest for a three-course meal and a three-act murder mystery comedy with a different ending every night!


Shannon Sedwick, Sean Branigan, Emily Cawood, Patrick King, Shannon McCormick, and Adam W Rodriguez as Loopy Loo

October 2019 - February 2020
922 W 12th St, Austin, TX 78703
my most popular prints sold
On displa

The Flying Ace

Electric Mayhem

Sam Gough

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to be your stage manager, game writer, stage performer. Commission a painting, or to  build your set. I could host your karioke and trivia nights, I cold run a bitchen game of D&D for you or your kids. I'll illustrate your novels and short stories, I could make comic books even. Do you need an artist? I'm your man! Contact me!

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On display at the world famous Velveeta Room in Austin TX

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