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The Art of AWR (Adam W Rodriguez) is a culmination of my works in one website. I’ve curated some highlights from my 30 plus years as a professional artist for people to enjoy and to get a glimpse of what the Art of AWR is all about. I love to collaborate on projects of all kinds and I have a solid mix of skills to make your projects and events that much cooler. If you think my abilities could contribute to your project, or you're wanting to commission art of any kind, CONTACT ME. 



we got an award!

La Fenice's latest project was nominated for six B Iden Payne Awards including Outstanding Digital Production, Outstanding Digital Direction, Outstanding Featured Music Performance, and 3 individual performance nominations, my performance was one of the aforementioned nominations. We actually received the award for Outstanding Digital Direction! What a fun project. They are streaming free. Check them out!

All six ten minute episodes of Stygian Crossing are streaming on La Fenice's website. It features some of Austin's favorite performers.

La Fenice presents a web-series about the apartments between worlds.

patron-only content

Patrons are privy to my serial, pulp, and flash fiction. My patrons receive free swag mailed to them like stickers zines and magnets. My patrons get discounts for commissions and projects. my patrons are the BEST!

cool new swag

My first magnet! The Baba Yaga's Cottage! 


baba yaga

3-inch rectangular magnet


Are you looking for more stickers, prints, magnets, or Zines? Check out THE SHOP


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