I am an artist

Never was there a more universal form of expression than art. Art is human. Art is our most true selves come to surface. Art is a limitless idea. Art is awesome.

I am always making a thing, but I'd love to hear about your things. I work as a painter, writer, performer, and stage manager. I am for hire. I am a joy to work with.

My site is where I curate my work and share it with people, please enjoy. 


what's new!

La Fenice presents a web-series about the apartments between worlds.

All six ten minute episodes of Stygian Crossing are streaming on La Fenice's website. It features some of Austin's favorite performers.

patron-only content

Patrons are privy to my serial, pulp, and flash fiction. My patrons receive free swag mailed to them like stickers zines and magnets. My patrons get discounts for commissions and projects. 

contact me

Are you interested in my work? Do you have a question about what I can do for you or your project? Send me an E mail. I'd love to hear about your idea.


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